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South Mountain Park/Preserve, situated at 10919 South Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the largest city parks in the U.S., covering more than 16,000 acres of a desert landscape. Hiking along miles upon miles of trails through a sprawling wilderness made up primarily by rugged mountain ranges and cacti-filled valleys is an adventure you’ll never forget! One popular trail to explore if your visit falls in the summertime – The Mormon Trail offers unique insight into this fascinating culture that once inhabited these parts.

South Mountain Park/Preserve is a hidden gem that Phoenix locals use for picnics, hiking, and all-night stargazing. This Park/Preserve is a great place for nighttime adventures. Watch the sunset and city lights come to life as you enjoy an incredible view of the Phoenix, Arizona area from atop South Mountain!

In the South Mountain Park, the highest point is Mount Suppoa at 2,690 feet. But what’s even higher? The Dobbins Lookout! This lookout can be reached by trail or road and stands only a few hundred feet below the peak of Mount Suppoa with an elevation of 2,330 ft, so you’ll have to hike up that extra bit if you want to get bragging rights as being on top of everything else from this spot overlooking all five states including Kentucky.

The natural landscape of South Mountain Park/Preserve is vast and sprawling. Travelers are able to enjoy the raw beauty of three mountain ranges, including Ma Ha Tauk, Gila, and Guadalupe, while hiking on more than 50 miles of trails for a hike or horseback ride. The park’s roadways make it popular among bicyclists as well!

When driving, biking, or hiking in the South Mountain Park, be aware that there are many blind corners and sections with treacherous drop-offs. Extreme caution should always be taken when going around a corner because it is possible to come face to face with an oncoming vehicle. The speed limit of 15 miles per hour also applies here, so follow this closely for safety reasons along with legal ones if you get pulled over by law enforcement officials!

The scenic roadways shared among motor vehicles, bikers, and hikers at the South Mountain Park can sometimes make for dangerous situations due to narrow lanes full of winding roads without any guardrails where extreme caution must always be practiced while adhering strictly to the posted speed limit, which shouldn’t exceed 20mph.

For those looking for a secluded spot to enjoy their time in the great outdoors, South Mountain Park/Preserve has an option. This natural escape is home to beautiful ramadas, perfect for camping out under the stars or taking some much-needed R&R during your holiday break. To reserve one of these iconic spots, visit any Parks and Recreation Department facility in person – no reservations can be made online!

For nature enthusiasts seeking solitude away from city life with all its hustle and bustle, there’s good news: Ramada spaces at Arizona’s premier outdoor destination are currently available on a first-come basis only. The scenic picnic grounds offer visitors both private shelters as well as larger communal areas intended for.

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