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North Mountain Preserve is home to a variety of trails and the tallest mountain is a part of Phoenix, AZ. North Mountain stands at 2,104 feet tall, with Shaw Butte standing taller at 2,149 feet. Together these two mountains are an iconic landmark for many people who live nearby or visit this popular recreational area on their own time. The North Mountain & Shaw Butte is situated at 12950 North 7th Street, Phoenix, Arizona.

The North Mountain preserve has a diverse range of hiking trails for all levels. And the best part is that you’re bound to find plenty of plant life, including saguaro cacti!

North Mountain & Shaw Butte is a wonderful place to hike, for you have many trails of various difficulties. The summit has the most difficult hikes, but if you want something easier yet still challenging enough, then there are plenty of options here as well. One great thing about this preserve is that it offers some beautiful scenery and plant life to keep your experience fresh!

The North Mountain Visitors Center is the first stop for anyone looking to explore this beautiful stretch of Appalachian wilderness.  This is a great place to learn about local history, flora, and fauna while also picking up maps with all that you need on them!

The North mountain visitors center is where everyone should start when they’re exploring the natural beauty here in Appalachia. You’ll be able not only to find out what trails are open or closed but get tons more information from our locals who know everything there needs to know about these mountains.

The North Mountain Visitor Center offers hikers and nature lovers detailed information on the trail system, Sonoran wildlife, and regional history. One of its volunteers will share stories about how at the turn of the century, it served as a campground for pupils of the Phoenix Indian School and their families that were usually turned away from hotels in town due to discrimination against Native Americans. You may also hear some tales about numerous mining shafts dotting our state’s landscape which are remnants left by copper miners dating back centuries ago when Arizona was first inhabited.

North Mountain ramadas provide park goers with a beautiful place to relax, and they are available for public use. You can make reservations in person at one of our local Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department facilities that offer this service!

Park Rangers educate trail users to follow important “Take a Hike. Do it Right.” safety guidelines that they might not have been aware of before, especially when the weather is hot, and there’s more risk for dehydration without water or shade at all hours during any season.

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