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Hayden Butte, a.ka. Tempe Butte is an impressive 1,398 feet (425 meters) high. The City of Tempe designated it a park in 1973 and then later added more lands to preserve its desert plants & animals due to their uniqueness from other areas around America.

The iconic Hayden Butte Preserve is a wonderful place to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Hikes up Hayden Butte are some of my favorite memories with family and friends. The amazing views from the top make it all worthwhile, as you can see for miles around.

The Hayden Butte Preserve is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. It has everything that you could want: rocks to climb on, nature trails for exploring, picnicking spots with beautiful views overlooking town-and all within easy reach of your home.

The hike to the Hayden Butte Preserve is a great way for you and your family or canine companion to get out of town, clearheaded. The trail leads up through forested terrain with beautiful views along it that will leave everyone feeling rejuvenated.

The Hayden Butte Preserve is a great place to start your morning with exercise. You can go for hikes, runs, or even just take some time out by going on treks. Jog or trek up Hayden Butte Preserve in your own time with family and friends.

Either enjoy the stunning views or take some time for yourself by tying flies with your poles in hand. Whatever you decide, make sure not to forget about this preserve. The Hayden Butte Preserve is a place where you can easily spend an entire day exploring. Start by taking some pictures from up high, then venture down for closer looks at all of these gorgeous natural features.

Situated at E. Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281, Hayden Butte Preserve offers spectacular views of the city from its summit, as well as hiking trails that wind through gently rolling terrain. It’s a popular and unique destination for nature lovers who want peace and quiet in this bustling metropolis.

This incredible park preserves some of the most important ancient artwork in all of North America. It’s home to more than 500 petroglyphs that were created by Hohokam Native American tribes between 750 AD and 1450 A-long time ago. You can go hiking here if you want, but really I think they should make it into an interactive museum, so people get a sense of what life was like back then.

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