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At Total Termite & Pest Control we offer the following exterminator services: termite treatments, termite inspections, termite control, bed bug removal, pest control treatment, scorpion control and more in the Naco, AZ 85620 areas.

Termites are one of the pesky pests that destroy the structure of your residence or property. Every year, billions of dollars in damage to property is estimated and accounted for by these insects. Termites destroy wood and various cellulose materials. In worst cases, they can eventually burrow through the entire wooden framework of your house, making it dangerous to occupy. Call for termite control in Naco if you notice any signs of termites.

We are an experienced pest control company and we offer services throughout Naco. If you suspect termites, don’t fret but rather seek the options available from Total Termite & Pest Control certified termite pest exterminators.

Termite Pest Control Company in Naco

Termite control near NacoWe believe in supplying our clients with the best customer service possible when eliminating termites. In Naco, in order to eradicate a termite infestation you must first learn about the pests you are dealing with. As termite experts, we have provided basic information below so that you can understand termites better.

  • Termites can devour the wooden structures of your home and property 24/7.
  • Damage done by termites is basically not covered by homeowner insurance policies.
  • Detecting them as soon as possible is important to limit damage and maximize extermination efforts.
  • The reason why termites consume wood is because it contains cellulose. Cellulose is a naturally occurring organic compound which is the main food source for termites.
  • There are some subterranean termites which means they dwell underground. Through these tunnels termites can dig underneath your property and find a cozy place to infest.

Need Termite Treatment Services in Naco?

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Termite Inspection Naco

Termites aren’t the only insects that attack wood. You also have to consider wood infesting beetles, carpenter ants and carpenter bees as potential invaders. When you ask for a desert subterranean termite inspection service a termite technician will thoroughly check the accessible areas of your property. Sadly, due to their subterranean or secretive nature these vermin may be tough to locate, in all instances. However, if they are found, we can arrange for a specialized pest control treatment plan. Our pest management team works diligently to make the whole process easy for you. We understand that your property is a big investment and having termites would mean that your investment is in danger. In most cases, termite infestations are detected long after they have caused massive damage. Contact us for a quote.

Signs of A Termite Infestation

Termites are quickly becoming an increasing problem. It’s essential to learn about the following signs to keep an eye out for termites on your property. If you see a group of winged insects gathering around the dirt outside your home, this could mean desert subterranean termites have discovered an entrance. Paint with cracks, crevices, or droppings scattered about could suggest termites.

One of the most obvious symptoms of a termite infestation is the sound you can hear when you knock against wood. If you hear a hollow sound, there is great chance that termites have been feeding on it. If you see tracks of mud on wooden parts of your property or walls then you could have termites. Worker termites are the ones you will see building the mud tubes, they are wingless and blind but cause damage to anything made of wood.

Termite Inspections for Residential and Commercial Properties

We can also provide for termite inspections for the sale or purchase of a home or property. We also offer home pest control services for rodents, bugs, pests, spiders, ants, bed bugs, bees, scorpions and more. Call us for a quote today.

Common Questions About Termite Control Naco

How much does termite treatment cost in Arizona?

Homeowners spend a combined average of over $2 billion a year on termite treatment and control in the United States. Depending on the size of your house, Arizona treatment costs can be anywhere from $1500 to $4000. That’s why being proactive in your battle against Arizona termites is absolutely crucial.

How do you get rid of termites in Arizona?

In Arizona, most termite control is carried out via liquid treatments or baiting to the soil around the house. In liquid treatments, non-repellents are often injected around the base of a house. Non-repellents can not be sensed by termites, so they do not try to escape the location where they are used.

Is a termite inspection required in Arizona?

When you purchase or sell a home, Arizona does not have a law requiring a termite inspection and report to be filed. Most lending institutions in Arizona do, however, request a WDIIR because when closing the sale of a home, the bank needs to cover all bases.

What is the average cost for termite control?

The average cost of termite treatment in 2019 is $525, but it can range from $217 all the way to $2,500. Depending on the type of treatment you require, as well as the type of termites that infest your home, costs vary.

Can you get rid of termites permanently?

Although you can not permanently get rid of termites from the environment, you can help prevent them from taking root in your home and controlling any nearby active colonies. The most complex treatments for any household pest management problem might be termite treatments.

Is it bad to live in a house with termites?

It is not known that termites carry no diseases harmful to humans. People who live in termite infested homes can, however, suffer from allergic reactions or even asthma attacks. Some people may also have an allergic reaction to termite droppings or saliva.

Are termites a big problem in Arizona?

In Arizona, termites are a very real issue, as much of the state sits atop one of North America’s most active subterranean termite ‘belts’. We are also home to the drywood termite, making it almost likely to have a run-in with these invasive and incredibly damaging pests for most homeowners.

How do professionals get rid of termites?

  • Bait Systems – Bait systems are designed to attract termites with a control agent that is intended to kill off the colony away from your property.
  • Liquid and Foam Sprays – A pest control professional treats a liquid or foaming control agent at the perimeter of your home that removes termites on contact, preventing them from ever entering your home.
  • Fumigation – Fumigation or ‘tenting’ may be necessary in cases of extreme termite infestation, particularly when drywood termites are involved, in order to completely rid your home of pests.

How do you tell if you have termites in your walls?

  • Small pin holes, where termites have eaten on drywall and/or wallpaper through the paper coating. In a hole formed by subterranean termites, you can see soil. Drywood termites do not leave behind any dirt.
    On drywall, slight ‘tracks’. (You might be able to see a map of their tunnels from outside the wall, as termites tunnel through the paperboard on drywall.)
  • When you knock on the wall, a hollow echo.
  • Paint from bubbling or peeling.
  • Baseboards that, under slight strain, crumble.
  • Jammed windows or doors. (The house may settle or move in a way that affects the function of doors and windows if termites damage structural components.)

Do termites come back every year?

Termites can come back, and it would be much more vulnerable to a major infestation if your home has already suffered harm from these pests.

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