Protect your home from termites with pest control services

Termidor foam is one of the most effective products for the killing of termite populations. It is manufactured by Termidor, the leading brand of BASF United States, a chemical and pest control solutions company.

The active ingredient in this termite foam is 0.5 percent Fipronil, one of the most potent insecticides. This key ingredient is present in a variety of insecticides in the market and works by disrupting the normal functioning of the central nervous system of insects on contact. It is more deadly to insects than humans and pets because it is more likely to bind to the insect’s nerve ends. Generally, foams are non-repellent termiticides and undetectable by insects that they make no efforts to avoid. The unique formulation and transfer effect helps to deliver devastating results and maximize structural protection.


  • termidor foam reviewCheaper and as effective as pest management professionals
  • Easy to get in the hard way to reach places
  • Economical pest control for a range of pests
  • Effective termite control
  • Excellent reputation
  • Great for spot treatment for termites
  • It expands when sprayed, so you don’t waste any of it
  • It hardly leaves any odor
  • Safe for use in food and sanitary areas
  • The hose allows you to spray into holes directly
  • Works on a wide variety of other insects
  • You’re going to get a lot in each can


  • It cannot be used indoors.
  • Not the most environmentally friendly insecticide in the market
  • Toxic and not safe for pets or children.

Tools Needed

Termidor Foam comes ready-to-use, no mixing required and comes with its application nozzle. Before applying, be sure to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE). You can use this product with the Whitmire Micro-Gen actuator as an option.

How To Use

Apply for approximately 5–10 seconds or until foam returns. After application, hold the injector’s tip in place for about 5 seconds to allow the product to be delivered to the treatment area, such as cracks or crevices, within the injector tube. Applications to inaccessible structure voids must be made by drilling. Termite foams are an appropriate substitute for all liquid termiticides.

Where To Use

You can use Termidor Foam in locations such as apartments, homes, food processing areas, restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes, hotels, motels, hobby-houses, interiors, office buildings, schools, transport equipment, warehouses, and other commercial and industrial buildings. Use Termidor in cracks and cracks, in wall voids, decks, crawlspaces fencing, in sheetrock holes that could lead to termite galleries, and many more.

When To Use

Apply Termidor foam to the first signs of termite activity on your property. The sooner you start termite treatment, the less damage that a subterranean termite infestation or common pests can cause to wooden elements of a structure.

Termite killing products such as Termidor Foam are perfect for spot treatments. It can rapidly expand to produce dry foam that you can apply to the voids, surfaces, crawl spaces, shelters, termite galleries, the wall cavity, foundations, and nests where these wood-eating insects are found.

Target Pests

Subterranean termites, Drywood termites, Dampwood termites, Arborean termites, Powder Post Beetles, Old House Borer Beetles, Wharf Beetles, Ants, Foraging Carpenter ants (excluding Fire, Harvester, Leaf Cutter and Pharaoh ants).

Similar Products

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Safety Information

Termidor Foam is safe to use when administered according to the directions of the label provided by the manufacturer. Like other insecticides, this termite-killing foam may cause slight skin irritation due to contact with skin and should therefore be used with care. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever you apply this product. If it is on clothing, it is recommended that it be removed immediately and that the skin be rinsed with plenty of water. Keep all people and pets away from areas that have been treated until it has dried up.

Specific considerations

Termidor foam only works against ongoing termite infestation and cannot prevent future infestations, as they provide on-site treatment only in contrast to many other treatment methods. Tough termite colonies are challenging to get rid of, so it can help use fipronil like Termidor alongside other remarkable pest control products in the market, such as termite killing sprays, liquid insecticides (Termidor SC), and termite baits. Quality pest control companies can send out pest control technicians to carry out an inspection. Pest management professionals will assess termite activity level and the visible termite damage to the wood structures and junctions between wood.


How long is Termidor Foam going to last?

Termidor Termite Foam will last approximately six weeks after application. It’s meant more to be a spot termite killing option in indoor wall voids. If you’ve done trenching outdoor surfaces with Termidor SC, you will eliminate the entire colony within three months.

Can you use Termidor Foam to treat the Carpenter Bees?

Termidor Foam is not labeled for carpenter bees and is not recommended.

Is the foam produced by Termidor Foam water-based?

Yes, Termidor Foam is a water-based foam but is considered a dry foam, which means that it has a minimal amount of water and will not be absorbed into the wood, soil, or insulation.


The main advantage of Termidor Foam is that it is strong and effective in eliminating a termite colony in places that are difficult to reach. This quality termite killing foam is intended for more severe ground termite infestations and elimination of termites by contact and removal of the entire colony as it passes through.

If you’re searching for termite control products that will get the job done every time and even provide you with cost-effective, lasting protection or residual protection, then Termidor Foam is the right choice for you.