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SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium is a highly acclaimed aquarium featuring the only 360-degree ocean tunnel in Copper State. The 26,000 square foot space has exhibits that cover all aspects of life from beneath the water to on land, as well as showcasing creatures found nowhere else.

SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium is the perfect place to spend time when it rains or snows. You will find many different exhibits with ocean life in them, including lots of fish that are probably new for you. SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium is a great place to go if you want an up-close encounter with some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures. You can view numerous exhibits that showcase this marine life in their natural environment, including tunnels through coral reefs and underwater rock walls where volunteer divers explore on occasion. The aquarium also offers guided tours for those who would rather not do this independently, as well as special events throughout each month designed just for kids or adults alike, so there are always new things happening here at all times – even when it rains (rarely).

This is a brilliant aquarium that will thrill any traveler. Featuring an array of fascinating marine life, this must-see destination offers something for everyone. There are so many different species from all over the world to see here, including sharks and stingrays as well as seahorses with their unique tails or jellyfish, which you can encounter during your visit.

Situated in Tempe, AZ area, SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium is a great place to go if you want an up-close and personal encounter with some of Earth’s most slippery creatures. You can watch live feeding demonstrations, listen in on lectures by experts who share their knowledge about these animals’ habits foraging tactics, among other things.

Also, SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium is a place where you can get up close and personal with some of nature’s most interesting creatures. The aquarium also features an interactive touch pool called the Rockpool, where children are able to touch several different types of aquatic life–including crabs, lobsters, or sea stars.

This aquarium is not only home to some of the fascinating sea creatures, but it also works hard at animal conservation by rescuing and caring for injured or disabled animals. One such creature that has been rescued from its natural habitat was an endangered green turtle named Ziva, who now lives in their 161k gallon display.

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