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Plantation Shutters Boca Raton

All kinds of Blinds is providing the best plantation shutter in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Broward County ever since it was founded in 1988. We have been the top market providers for all kinds of shutters especially plantation shutters. Our service team is known for its pleasantness and great customer service, with us even winning the Angles list super service award in 2020. We offer the best customer service, the fastest delivery experience, the finest purchase rates, and complete customer satisfaction at our company.

We are expert and renowned blind makers and suppliers. We provide a huge diversified product range including, blackout shades, wood blinds, Silhouette window shading, Solar screen shades, Sliding panels, and plantation shutters.

Our plantation shutters are the most in-demand shutters and we have regular customers who have been trusting us with this task for years. Plantation shutters are popular due to their effectiveness at providing shade, classy and elegant look, and durability. We at All kinds of Blinds, take their elegance a step ahead and provide the most exquisite designs of plantation shutters in a huge range of styles, customized according to different window sizes.

A Concise Comparison Of Some Types Of Plantation Shutters:

1) Hardwood plantation shutters: Hardwood plantation shutters are of premium quality. It’s one of the most lightest and durable materials for plantation shutters, they have good natural beauty and are exquisitely paintable with long-life. The only con? Hardwood shutters are not suitable for rooms with excess humidity or moisture and hence are not recommended for areas with high humidity. If moisture is not an issue, hardwood plantation shutters are the best choice as they are blemish-free, have more finesse and look better, longer-life, and resist splintering, bleeding, and warping.

2) Faux Wood: Faux wood is the most widely applied type of plantation shutter as they are durable, the new technology has made the look of these faux wood shutters more appealing, and they are pretty low cost compared to hardwood. Along with this, these shutters are lightweight and not affected by moisture and hence also suitable for rooms or areas with excess moisture.

3) Hybrid of wood and faux wood: A Hybrid of hardwood and faux wood is the best combination. It combines the best attributes of both types and gives a final plantation shutter that has the effect of premium quality, long life, and comes at a cheap cost. For these types of shutters, the frame is usually made of premium hardwood while the louvers are made from faux wood, saying cost while also retaining the finessed look and premium quality. These types of plantation shutters are in the middle of the two types as they are costlier than pure faux wood shutters but cheaper than pure hardwood shutters, and look better than faux wood.

4) Composites: Plantation shutters made using composites are very cheap as it uses engineered/artificial wood-like lamination. These shutters are cheap but they have a shorter life span, are not durable, and are prone to bleeding, splintering, chipping, etc.

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Plantation Shutters Boca Raton

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