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The Phoenix Art Museum is a vast treasure trove of art from all over the world. The museum has an extensive collection covering European Renaissance and Baroque period, Far East, American West, as well as displaying modern and contemporary works in fashion design to live performances on screen. This Museum is situated at 1625 North Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Phoenix Art Museum’s 203,000-square-foot building is a work of art in itself and was designed by New York architects Tod Williams/Billie Tsien & Associates to integrate with the southwestern landscape. The Phoenix Art Museum has been home to some of the finest art in any given room. Their 203,000 square-foot building is a work of art itself with its classical progression and design that integrates seamlessly into their surrounding landscape.

The Phoenix Art Museum was founded in 1959 and now houses one of the most comprehensive American art collections to be found anywhere. A testament to the commitment from its community, it has grown with this desert town into a metropolis that stands as an international leader in both culture and commerce.

The Phoenix Art Museum is more than just a collection of art. From film screenings to lectures, music performances, to visual arts exhibitions, the museum offers something for everyone and invites you to experience new things each time that you visit!

This Museum offers so much more than just an experience viewing its vast collection of art through paintings, sculptures, photography displays, and other forms of visual media like film series which often play throughout the day, as well as lectures by noted scholars who travel far distances to share their insight with museum guests about what it means to appreciate diverse cultural interpretations found within these galleries.

The Gene and Cathie Lemon Art Research Library at Phoenix Art Museum is a one-of-a-kind institution that houses books, posters, slideshows with artist’s thoughts. With such vast collections, it will be sure to spark your interest in the art world while educating you on different perspectives from around the globe.

The Gene and Cathie Lemon Library offers a fascinating insight into fine arts across cultures as well as traditional western standards.

The Lemon Art Research Library is a non-circulating affiliate location of the Phoenix Public library system, and all materials cannot leave. This means that you can enjoy reading as many books on any subject as your little heart desires without paying for them!

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