Protect your home from termites with pest control services

The Hex Pro Termite Baiting System is manufactured by Dow AgroSciences, a renowned American company that offers various pest control products. Hex Pro Termite Baiting System helps kill termites by detecting their presence and distributing poison that is highly effective against ground termites. The Shatter Termite Bait Cartridges use poison to kill subterranean termites.

An active ingredient in this baiting system is Hexaflumuron, an insect growth regulator that hinders the chitin formation in the termite exoskeleton—thus eliminating entire colonies. This in-ground termite baiting system has been specifically designed to help you keep your home free of termites. This method allows for clear evidence of termite activity, and the bait can be replaced with another cartridge whenever needed. The use of these termite bait systems is a long-term method of identifying and controlling termite activity around your home or business.


  • Installs effortlessly
  • Subterranean termites are effectively controlled
  • Baits don’t need to be replaced very often


  • Wooden cartridges can rot from fungus

Tools Needed

Termite Bait toxicant is not included in the Hex Pro bait station’s purchase, so it will have to be purchased separately. A drilling bit and a drill are used to drill holes in the ground for the monitoring station to be correctly installed.

How To Use

Using this system is very straightforward. It involves three simple steps. First, look for signs of termites in and around the target site. As a second step, slow-acting bait is to be used in feeding sites where it has been proven that subterranean termites exist. Finally, once control has been achieved, you should resume monitoring for the presence of termites.

Where to Use

You can use these stations around your home or at your business. Insert them in the yard or the surrounding areas to work as a solid barrier to monitoring and treatment. Install the Hex Pro Termite Baiting System every 8 to 10 feet around the outer perimeter of the structure. Depending on the circumstances, the distance between the termite killing stakes can be slightly longer but no longer than 20 feet. 

When to Use

When you detect termite activity, begin the monitoring process right away. Termites can be controlled more quickly and prevented or minimized sooner if you start the process of termite control and termite prevention as early as possible.

Target Pests

Subterranean Termites

Comparable Products

  • Advanced Termite Bait Stations
  • Spectracide Terminate Stakes
  • Trelona Compressed Termite Bait
  • Taurus SC Termiticide Generic Termidor

Safety Information

It is safe to use these termite monitoring stations, but be sure to use appropriate personal protective equipment since the bait cartridges are treated with chemicals.

Special Considerations

These stations use wood monitoring packs but require bait for control as soon as the activity of termites is observed.


How long does termite control take?

Termites can enter the visible Hex-Pro termite stations in a few weeks to a few months, based on the time of year, geography, termite pressure, and termite species. Once the termites feed on Shatter termite bait in the bait cartridges, termite control can begin. Shatter termite baits can cause colonies to decline in as little as four weeks. The time and effort needed to be protected from a termite colony invasion will vary, depending on the termites’ natural behavior. The Hex-Pro System depends, so the factors mentioned above will impact the effectiveness of the treatment.

Is the Hex-Pro Termite Station going to be removed once the termites are controlled?

In the future, if Shatter termite bait is not used to control the existing termite colony, another colony of termites may invade the property. The Hex-Pro termite stations must be left in the ground to keep the property protected. A pest management professional will continue to observe them until the end of the service agreement.

What if there is an infestation of subterranean termites in a house?

You will install the Hex-Pro System to eradicate the current termite infestations and control the long-term termite damage. For a heavy termite infestation, the pest management professional may also apply additional termite treatments, such as a liquid treatment for immediate local control and protection against termites.


A great option for best termite bait stations, the Hex Pro Termite Baiting System uses the Hex-Pro Termite System called Shatter (TM) termite bait. Termiticides like hexaflumuron work like insect growth regulators. This type of insect growth regulator is a chitin synthesis inhibitor that inhibits the termites’ vital molting process. In essence, this prevents the growth of termites and even promotes death.

In terms of killing, controlling, and exterminating termites, Hexaflumuron has shown a fantastic track record of effectiveness for Hex Pro using this chemical for over a decade on the field. When it comes to versatility, the Hex Pro Termite Baiting System is one of the best termite baiting systems due to its dual role: detection of termites and acting as an extermination station. You can kill subterranean termites and their entire colonies with ease by Shatter Termite Bait Cartridges, which are mainly effective against subterranean termites.

Termite monitoring systems need to be inspected at least every 30 to 90 days so you can replace the wood monitoring cartridge with a cartridge that contains Shatter Termite Bait. If termites are detected, make sure to check the baiting system at least every 30 days and replace wood monitor detectors if they have been consumed. Additionally, it is advised that wood monitors should be replaced when infested with insects or decay due to fungus.