Protect your home from termites with pest control services

With its great reputation for producing environmentally-friendly products, the Harris brand has been synonymous with making environmentally-friendly insecticides and pesticides. Harris has also been in this business since 1922, so it is a reliable brand. Termite treatment by Harris might be familiar to those of you who have dealt with termites. Like every Harris product, this is a termite powder that is effective. It doesn’t harm pets or humans. In addition to termites, carpenter ants, wood-destroying beetles, mold, and fungi are also killed by this termite powder.

One of the best things about Harris termite powder is its straightforward application. A gallon of water and a sprayer work just great for applying it. You can cover a 200 square foot area by mixing one gallon of powder with a quart of water. The termite powder is also used by construction companies as a pre-treatment for wood on construction sites. This termite powder can be sprayed into holes left by insects, into painted wood and fence posts.

Harris 16 oz Termite powderPros

  • It is affordable
  • It protects wood from mold.
  • Non-flammable and odorless
  • Pet and child-safe Easy to apply and mix


  • Spraying it directly into soft green grass or flowers may damage them.
  • Plant growth may be harmed.

Tools Needed

It is best to mix this powder with water and spray it on large surfaces with a sprayer. A handheld sprayer will work for smaller areas, but you will need an industrial-quality sprayer for larger surfaces.

How to Use

Fill the one-gallon bucket about 80% full with water. Leave a small amount of space to stir the mixture. You should add 1 pound of termite powder to the water. Stir the mixture for about 5 minutes or until the powder dissolves and the liquid is clear. Combine the remaining water to equal one gallon total. One pound (16 ounces) of powder yields 1 gallon of liquid termite killer. The termite killer will cover about 200 square feet. The powder will last indefinitely if it remains dry. If you do not want to make a full gallon, follow the same ratios.

Where to Use

The product can be used directly on pests or as a preventive measure with treatment against mold and termites. Thus, it is perfect for protecting garage floors, porches, and other areas with lots of exposed wood.

When To Use

As soon as you see signs of an oncoming termite infestation on your property, it is likely that they have shown the phenomenon in huge numbers. You should not procrastinate in carrying out a plan for the control and prevention of termites. You should use the powder especially when you have a larger infestation or are at risk of one, or when you are eradicating termites as a small business.

Target Pests

This product works well against Termites, Wood Destroying Beetles, Carpenter Ants, and more.

Comparable Products

  • BioAdvanced 700350A Termite Killer, Insect Killer for Outdoors
  • Spectracide Terminate Termite Killing Foam2
  • TERRO T1901-6 Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer, Orange
  • Nissus Bora Care Natural Termite Control

Safety Information

Plantlife, namely grass, can be very negatively affected by this product, with an adverse effect on its growth and the number of fruits and flowers it produces. Although the product is not harmful to humans, pets, and wildlife, it is harmful to plant life. When using it in the garden, provide small bursts on desired areas, and in the home, move your houseplants outside and then spray with the mixed termiticide.

Special Considerations

By using a slow-acting formula, the worker termites can transmit the active ingredient to other termites before they die, effectively eradicating the entire colony.


Does Harris Termite Powder work in the rain?

Harris Termite Powder is to be diluted with water and applied to sound, dry wood, and allowed to dry. Rain may decrease the effectiveness of the Termite Powder.

Is this effective in soil rather than wood?

It is not advised to use Harris Termite Powder for termite soil treatment. There are other products available for that purpose.

Does Harris Termite Powder stain or discolor wood?

It may darken the wood slightly. Due to it being water-based, it will tend to make the wood slightly rougher since it raises the grain.


An effective termite killer, such as Harris termite powder, will stop termites from causing further damage to your home. It also goes by the name Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate. It contains components that inhibit oxygen synthesis in the wood. The repellant also works as a deterrent to keep insects away from the sprayed areas. This may include killing termites, beetles, and carpenter ants. It is for this reason that it is a good pre-treatment for new construction sites.

When mixed with water sprayer systems, this small packaging can destroy multiple nests and millions of termites and other bugs very effectively. The product is made from borates, boron oxyanion, which have been proven effective against numerous types of insects, as they draw in oxygen and prevent them from breathing, making them incapable of living in a porous environment. Therefore, it is completely safe for all mammals, including children, but devastating for most bugs and especially termites, who will never settle in places with even traces of it.