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Frisco Texas lawn care

Many people long for a beautiful, lush lawn, yet few have the time or resources to devote to caring for their lawns. The best option is to choose a reputable Frisco, Texas lawn care company with the expertise to handle all of your landscaping needs. We offer one of the leading lawn care programs in the state and will help you get the most out of your lawn care dollars.

Year-Round Treatment Program

Your lawn will look its best with year-round treatments. Frisco, Texas lawn care includes 8 application treatments that will help produce a healthy and attractive lawn. During the winter months, a liquid application of weed control products will control winter grasses and a variety of weeds that are common during this period of the year.

In early spring, another application of weed controls will continue to control the weeds and prevent them from growing in your lawn. Spring is one of the most important months for Frisco, Texas lawn care. The spring treatment includes the application of a granular or liquid high quality, slow release fertilizer that will boost your lawn’s growing ability. In addition, weed control products will be applied as needed.

The best granular or liquid slow-release fertilizer will be applied three times during the summer, along with weed control application if it is necessary. In the fall and late fall there will be two additional applications of liquid weed control to eliminate early germination.  All together you will receive 8 full treatments. If you have stubborn or unusual weeds, a separate application may be required.

About Our Lawn Care Program

When you choose our lawn care program you will be assured of having the best-looking lawn on the block. Your lawn will not only look plush and green but it will also be healthy. We use only high quality products that are known to produce excellent results. Our team of skilled professionals will take care of your lawn as if it was their own.

When you sign up for our annual lawn care program you will be allowed service calls at no charge. Our complete, balanced fertilizer will make and keep your lawn the healthiest it has been. We utilize both pre and post emergent weed control products to keep weeds from growing and to remove them if they appear. Our Frisco, Texas lawn care services are guaranteed and we will make sure that your lawn is always looking its best.

We also offer an annual tree and shrub program that is ideal for many homes. It includes 8 treatments to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful. Our pest control program will eliminate pests quickly and easily. We can rid your yard and home of all types of pests including insects, rodents, termites and more. We use environmentally friendly products inside your home to ensure your health and safety.  

Our programs will keep your property looking good. Contact us for an estimate for your particular property and needs. The first application of our 8-step treatment program is just $29.95 for lawns up to 5,000 square feet, for new customers.


Frisco Texas lawn care



Frisco Texas lawn care

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