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Widely considered the world’s largest desert botanical garden, this artistic masterpiece is a gorgeous blend of nature and creativity. The phenomenal gardens are home to over 12,000 different plant species from around the globe that have been cultivated into multiple collections like cacti in pots or succulent plants lining walkways. Art installations dot these beautiful grounds adding another dimension as you explore it all on foot or by bicycle along with one of many winding paths.

Located at 1201 North Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ, nestled into Papago Park, the Desert Botanical Garden offers visitors a retreat from city hustle-and-bustle.

This sprawling outdoor garden and arboretum is home to tens of thousands of plants from all around the world who thrive in this irrigated landscape. From deserts to rainforests, there are plant examples for every ecosystem here! The complex even has gardens designed specifically with hummingbirds and butterflies in mind- so don’t forget your bug spray if you want a chance at spotting these tiny flying beauties on tour!

The 140-acre garden exhibits specimens found across many different ecosystems: desert landscapes like those found in Africa; tropical forests such as Malaysia’s rainforest; ancient woodlands that can be seen throughout North America. This expansive location also features designated areas devoted exclusively towards attracting birds or bugs like our favorite little friends.

The numerous trails that wind their way around the property will make you feel like a child again. You’ll want to check out all of your favorite plants come spring when everything is in full bloom and popping with color!

The trails are the perfect place to take a stroll and see all of nature’s beauty. If you visit during spring, you’ll be able to appreciate what blooms when they’re in season as well!

In 1939, a small group of locals saw that the desert was being threatened by development. One man in particular – Gustaf Starck from Sweden- did what he could to fight this trend by posting signs around town reading “Save The Desert.” Thanks to his efforts and those who agreed with him, it wasn’t long before they were able to start their own organization: the Garden! After nearly eight decades under new management, today’s garden is a living museum filled with plants found nowhere else on Earth like Saguaro cactus or Baja bush lupine.

The Desert Botanical Garden has been working to preserve the deserts and their fragile flora since 1939. Recently, they have had a large influx of international partnerships thanks in part to an increased presence by global climate change on desert habitats worldwide. New plants are being discovered all around the world, as well as innovative methods for combating threats like invasive species breeding when climates become warmer than before due to human activity such as air travel or carbon emissions that trap heat near Earth’s surface.

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