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Cybersecurity Expert Witness

A good number of court cases involve computerized evidence, even if it is just a text message, call records, or the transaction history. It is essential to work with a cybersecurity expert witness who can manage large and complicated volumes of data to extract the correct numbers and trends.

What is a cybersecurity expert witness?

Computer forensics is an actual division in criminal investigations. It focuses on analyzing, restoring, and acquiring digital data to support or prove one’s innocence or guilt. A cybersecurity expert witness is an experienced IT staff who offers evidential technology data in a lawsuit. Our technical and analytical skills include the following:

  • Maintaining the data files during the entire litigation
  • Balance the privacy of the data
  • Understanding the legal requirements of the case
  • Restore and recover deleted files
  • Research the timeline of the events in question
  • Understand and explain the nature of the electronic data

How to choose the best cybersecurity expert witness

Do you need to be technologically sound to choose a cybersecurity AI expert witness? The simple answer is that you do not. However, it would help if you judged that their technical expertise and soft skills are relevant for your case. Check out for the following qualities:

Specialized skills

The cybersecurity consultant must have top-notch technical skills that matter to your case. Joseph Steinberg is a skilled and experienced Internet security expert who understands the vulnerabilities of your system. We can simplify your digital system to a language that the court understands and explain what happened to support your attorney’s argument.

Ability to work under pressure

The expert witness is a vital part of the case, which quickly changes the direction of the case because they provide concrete data to support or disapprove a claim. As a result, they will have to deal with pressure from the defendant, jury, judge, and all other relevant entities in the case. The difference between an expert witness and a normal IT specialist is their ability to stay graceful and technical under pressure.

Our cybersecurity expert witness is more than prepared to present any technical evidence in court. Joseph has several experiences speaking in a court of law, TV, and as the main speaker in many different seminars. He has a unique understanding of the most complex technical details and simply relays them to gain the audience’s favor.

Technical background

Professional computer forensics experts have specific personality traits to speak on technical details. However, they need more than the face value of the evidential data to stay calm in court. Anyone can memorize numbers and study trends, but only the cybersecurity expert witnesses a real technical background. Our cybersecurity advisor has the following educational and career background:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Consumer Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Public speaking and court litigation witnessing

We offer many different services to prove your case effectively in court. Let our professional help you understand the technical details of your data and break it down so you can better prepare for your case. Contact Joseph Steinberg for help with your cybersecurity problems.