Protect your home from termites with pest control services

When starting a business, the last thing you need is pests that invade your establishment and ruin the reputation you’ve worked so hard to establish. When pest issues threaten your success, you’ll want to partner with a company with the experience and expertise needed to deal with pests, such as experts at Total Termite & Pest Control!

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options

At Total Termite & Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing minimally invasive and environmentally friendly solutions to your pest control problems. Since every business has different pest pressures, we offer pest management services uniquely suited to your business. Whether you need a reliable service to deal with an existing pest problem or are looking for a year-round solution to ensure that your business remains pest-free, we’ve got you covered!

General Commercial Pest Control

When you work with us, you receive pest control services from a company with decades of experience and continuously educate our technicians on the latest and most efficient solutions to professional pest management. Our commercial pest control services include extensive yet customizable planning, such as bait and glue traps, pheromone treatment and entry point sealing. They cover a wide range of business-invasive pests.

Professional Bird Removal

At Total Termite & Pest Control, we offer quality solutions to bird pest problems. To eliminate these pests, we provide various control and prevention options, including exclusion services, liquid treatment for removing bird mites, and sealing off nesting areas to prevent birds from re-infesting their commercial property.

Quality Bed Bug Control Inspections & Treatment

To get rid of bed bugs in a commercial setting, we offer professional bed bug inspections of our highly trained pest control specialists’ commercial properties. Also, we provide professional bug removal services in traditional bed bug treatments or heat treatments.

Wildlife Control Services

We offer human animal control services to local businesses to protect their commercial property from wildlife pests. Our wildlife control services include removal, trapping, wildlife exclusion, raccoon and squirrel-proofing, and cleaning and sanitation services. After service, we will move all the animals trapped on your property.

Professional Rodent Control and Exclusion

We provide professional removal and exclusion services for rodents to eliminate invasive mice and rats’ commercial properties. After your infestation has been removed, we also provide sanitation services to clean up the mess left behind by rodents or ensure that your establishment complies with industry sanitation standards.

Quality Termite Control

If you are troubled with a termite issue on your property, we can help you! At Total Termite & Pest Control, we offer free termite inspections to our commercial customers to determine if you have a termite infestation and, if so, where the termite activity areas of your property are located. Once these areas have been identified, we offer Termidor® treatments as well as baiting systems to eradicate any current termite activity on your property and prevent future termite infestations.

We also offer insect reports to determine if your property is at risk or is overrun by carpenter ants and other destructive pests.

Cockroach Control

Here at Total Termite & Pest Control, our pest control technicians are trained to remove cockroaches from businesses using various methods. When you partner with us to control the roach, we will deal with any current cockroach problems in your facility and take several steps to prevent future invasions of roaches.

Efficient, eco-friendly solutions for your business!

It’s important to remove pests from your business, but it shouldn’t take you away from your other duties as a business owner. Here at Total Termite & Pest Control, we take care of your customer’s and employees’ safety, which is why we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies and EPA registered products in our superior quality services. To ensure that you get the quality of commercial pest protection you deserve, we offer practical, eco-friendly pest control solutions that will allow you to get back to what you do best!

Why Choose Total Termite & Pest Control?

When it comes to the needs of your business, you’re not making reckless decisions. You require a pest control company that is reliable, knowledgeable and that provides efficient and efficient service. Here is why partnering with Total Termite & Pest Control professionals is the right choice for your business:

  • All of the products we use in our treatments are registered with EPA.
  • Our expert team receives continuous training on the most effective pest control methods in the industry.
  • Our technicians are individually licensed and complete compulsory training hours to maintain their licenses.
  • We use minimally invasive and discreet practices.
  • We use environmentally friendly exclusion and removal techniques.

We’re here for you!

While pest control may be a vital part of your business operations, it doesn’t have to take up your valuable time. By partnering with us at Total Termite & Pest Control, you can rest assured that we will manage a wide variety of pest problems in the most efficient, effective and environmentally-conscious way possible. For more information, please contact us!