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Welcome to Broadmor, a well-regarded community in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, and an important component of the city’s infrastructure. Broadmor is a relatively small sector of town with a land area of less than a square mile, making it a good place to start. This section of town, which includes 571 neighborhoods in the metro Phoenix region, is a favorite among inhabitants of Phoenix, Arizona, and is a popular tourist destination. Locals in this neighborhood take advantage of the numerous notable restaurants in the area. Locals in Broadmor make their decision to reside here based on a variety of factors, including where they live, how much it costs to live here, education and schools, parks, and the lifestyle they enjoy while living here.

All of these considerations, as well as others, will be addressed in this renters resource guide, so be sure to keep reading! In and around this residential neighborhood, we have 103 apartment communities that have been built and are currently available. This submarket is located 9.0 miles from the core business center of Phoenix, Arizona. Home rentals in Broadmor are primarily multifamily (apartments), as this area of Tempe is primarily comprised of multifamily communities with higher densities. In this neighborhood, you’ll find a diverse selection of residential complexes. Pet-friendly apartment buildings have been constructed in this area.

The average apartment rent in this residential submarket is $1,591, which is slightly more than the national average. The average rent for a property in this neighborhood is $2,808 per month. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment home in this neighborhood ranges from $439 to $3,244. The average monthly rent for a studio apartment in this section of town is $1,381, with a range of $895 to $1,530 in this neighborhood. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you on average $1,506, with prices ranging from $895 to $1,950. A two-bedroom apartment costs on average $1,772 and can cost anywhere from $439 to $2,337 per month. In the city of Chicago, three-bedroom apartments cost on average $2,358 and range from $1,004 to $3,244. Apartments with four bedrooms (or more) are on average $909 per month and range in price from $849 to $1,020.

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