Protect your home from termites with pest control services

Bora-Care, manufactured by Nisus Corporation, is a termite treatment product with natural mineral salts or borate compounds that are used to protect the wood from insects, such as termites and carpenter ants, decay fungi, and powder post beetles. Bora-Care can be sprayed onto most unfinished or raw wood surfaces such as foundations in order to protect structures from termites, wood-destroying beetles, house borers, and decay fungi. These include plywood, particleboard, and structural wood components.

Bora-Care’s active ingredients and a mixture of glycol-based compounds affect the biology of termites so that they are unable to utilize nutrition contained in the food that they consume, and, as a result, they starve to death. Insects cannot develop a resistance to this unique mode of action.

You can also apply it on surfaces like concrete foundations, brick, block, metal, foundation penetrations, building materials, and plumbing pipes in structures to prevent termites from forming tubes under the surface. The borester compounds have superior penetration into dry wood grain which works against termite infestations for up to 30 years and is ideal for new construction termite treatment during the building phase of construction and fits perfectly in green building programs. University studies showed that Bora-Care applied to concrete surfaces would prevent Formosan termite tubing.


  • Protects against all species of termites (Subterranean Termites, Formosan Termites, Drywood Termites, Dampwood Termites)
  • It can be sprayed or rolled onto the wood.
  • Residual protections last for years
  • Effective treatment for wood infesting beetles.
  • You may use it inside or outside.


  • 1:1 dilution is required
  • Needs separate sprayer
  • Not for carpenter bees

Tools Needed

Use the product with the following items: a bucket for mixing the product with a paddle mixer and an application device such as a portable backpack sprayer or a tank sprayer. For foaming applications, foaming applicators and foaming additives are recommended. If you are performing DIY Bora-Care wood treatments or termite prevention at your house, we recommend that you use a 1-gallon Solutions Pump-Sprayer.

How To Use

The product must be applied to untreated wood to treat pest infestations. As opposed to Timbor, this product dries clear and will leave fibers of wood in its natural state after it has been treated.

Also, the treatment will penetrate far deeper into the wood, so you will be sure that the termite colony is eradicated. Depending on the pest and the ratio of Nissus Bora Care Natural Termite Control diluted with water, it must be diluted 1:1 – 1:5 (one gallon of Bora-Care to one gallon of water).

It will treat about 100 linear feet of 2 x 4 stud walls of an average house with one gallon. This includes sill plates, headers, dimensional lumber, logs, plywood, and structural wood. One gallon of the concentrate treats approximately 800 square feet of studs and 500 square feet in an attic or crawlspace.

Where to Use

To prevent or control termite infestations, algae, and fungi, you can use Bora-Care with glycol penetrants on raw timber, especially fence posts, wood decking, foundations, plumbing penetrations, new exterior walls, wall voids, furniture, wood piles, basement walls, and wooden surfaces both inside and outside a building. Concrete can also be treated, which prevents termites, especially the Formosan Termites, from destroying the tubing.

It can be used with confidence in lakeside homes, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, kennels, farm buildings, trailers, warehouses, and non-food areas of supermarkets and restaurants.

When To Use

If you see signs of termites or termite activity in your home and see damaged wood, use Bora-Care – 1 Jug Natural Borate Termite Control. It is always a good idea to use this product in conjunction with a liquid termiticide if you have to treat existing termite colonies. Bora-Care can also be used against labeled pests as a preventative. It is most effective as a house pretreatment during the building stage.

Bora-Care doesn’t have to be applied to dry ground after footers are dug, as soil treatments must. Not only are soil pretreatments more difficult to apply affecting construction schedules, but they lose their effectiveness over time.

Target Pests

Wood Decay Fungi, Ants, Termites (Dry wood Termites, Subterranean Termites, Formosan Termites, Dampwood Termites), Wood Boring Beetles, White Rot, and other types of wood-devouring insects.

Comparable Products

  • HARRIS Termite Treatment and Mold Killer
  • BioAdvanced 700350A Termite Killer, Insect Killer for Outdoors
  • Termidor Foam Termiticide/Insecticide
  • Spectracide Terminate Termite Killing Foam2

Safety Information

When used according to label directions, Bora-Care is safe to use. Make sure you wear adequate PPE before applying Bora-Care. Wear a respirator in poorly vented areas, such as flat roofs, attics, and crawl spaces.

It is toxic to fish and wildlife; therefore, it must not be applied to water and applied to sensitive areas must be prevented from drifting and runoff into the water. Bora-Care is not permitted to be used in food processing plants, where food is prepared, or in serving areas.

Contrary to traditional soil treatments, BoraCare Nisus Borate Wood Treatment is not harmful to plant life or house water supply.

Special Considerations

To use Bora-Care properly, you’ll need to mix it with hot water and allow it to completely dissolve in the water. As Bora-Care is very thick, mixing it directly into a sprayer will clog the sprayer. Instead, mix Bora-Care with hot or warm water first and then spray.
Ensure that your sprayer is thoroughly cleaned after every use. Any leftover product in your sprayer will harden and crystallize once it cools, clogging the sprayer and its nozzle.
The product’s label specifies it can be used as a stand-alone two-foot barrier termite pretreatment which meets sill plate end-cut requirements mandated by building codes. If the termite problem is extensive, a professional pest control specialist or a pest management professional will provide consultation on the best termite treatments or additional treatments available for your home.


What is the effectiveness of Bora-Care?

With Bora-Care, wood is simply eliminated as a food source for termites saving a day of cycle time or building cycle. It also inhibits pest metabolism on a cellular basis. Moreover, efficacy studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of borates as a preservative, confirming its wood-preserving power. Subterranean termites are kept from tunneling across the Bora-Care treated wood and other structural materials by using this product.

Is Bora-Care toxic to humans and pets?

Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, an active ingredient in Bora-Care, is a natural borate salt (elemental Boron) compound that is vital for the healthy growth of plants. It is formed by combining traditional boric acid and borax. Humans and pets are not adversely affected by this product, while insects and fungi are controlled by toxic chemicals. With minimal environmental impact, Bora-Care has a low acute toxicity wood preservative compared to liquid treatments. As far as harsh chemicals go, it is only half as harmful as sodium chloride or table salt.

Does Bora-Care have a shelf life?

It is recommended to use undiluted Bora-Care no later than three years from the date of purchase. After Bora-Care has been diluted, it must be used as a primary termite treatment as soon as possible. If left standing for more than a few hours, it will gradually separate from the water and will be impossible to dilute again.

How long will it take for Bora-Care to work?

Bora-Care requires at least 30 days to diffuse through the entire piece of wood. This is dependent on the wood moisture content and thickness. Once it penetrates the wood, it takes effect. Infested wood may continue to show activity as Boracare works by ingestion, so it will only kill those bugs and not the entire termite colony which is actively eating the wood and ingests the product.


One of the most effective termite treatments and borate products available today, Bora-Care works well in areas of active termite infestation in wood, as well as remedial treatments for long-term protection against termites. Bora-Care is a triple threat that works on an active infestation and as a termite pretreatment product with high efficacy against wood-destroying pests. Of course, it also prevents wood decay and offers lasting protection. Its unique blend of glycols and borate salts produces outstanding results!

Termites can enter a structure by breaking through termite entry-points in the soil barrier and causing major damage to the wood in the structure even under the best of circumstances. This termiticide is also easy to apply, which makes it unbeatable at making preventative treatment simple. In fact, more and more pest control companies are turning to Bora-Care as a product of choice to reenter the pretreatment market.

Comparatively, Bora-Care is not one of the cost effective termiticides with a mineral borate active ingredient and a high star rating on the market. Nevertheless, since its pest protection remains effective for many years after application, it is well worth the price you have to pay at the time of initial purchase. Liquid termiticides or toxic pesticides used on soil require considerable amounts of water for dilution, while this enhanced borate salt allows you to save 200-300 gallons of water per average-sized home!