Protect your home from termites with pest control services

A termiticide made up of granules, BioAdvanced Termite Killer is an effective, easy-to-use termiticide. Sprinkle the granules around the home’s perimeter, then water once they’re moist. When the moisture is present, the termite granules will disintegrate, releasing the active ingredient into layers of soil where termite foraging activity happens.
The active ingredient in BioAdvanced Granules is imidacloprid, which kills termites that come into contact with the insecticide. Its active ingredient, imidacloprid, works exactly like fipronil, killing insects by disrupting communication in their central nervous system, but it is less harmful to humans and pets. Unfortunately, this termite treatment must be used outside due to the method of activation, but it is a reliable choice as a protective barrier around the perimeter of a house.

Termites will be dead in a week after a single application. However, note that this is not a repellent. New termites will move in as the band of granules lose their effect. Although it won’t get rid of termites inside your home, it’s still one of the effective termite treatments to use when faced with an advanced infestation.


  • BioAdvanced Termite Killer GranulesIt is a good termite treatment product for a reasonable price.
  • Its coverage is wide.
  • Easy to use.
  • No digging is required.


  • Some may not find the application process convenient compared to other options
  • Fruit-bearing plants should not be exposed to this product.

Tools Needed

This product comes packaged ready-to-use with a built-in shaker applicator that uniformly distributes the granules within a recommended band of 6 inches wide. Dosing is handled easily. You may also use a spray form hose to water granules into the ground.

How To Use

To use, open the container and sprinkle the granules on the ground (bare soil, mulched areas, landscape beds, wood piles, or turfgrass) directly adjacent to the structure’s foundation. A band of sprinkled granules six inches wide should be placed around the wooden structure that will be treated. At the moment of application, water until the treatment is moist, but not runny.

The treatment coverage area for foundations is over 100 – 200 linear feet with the recommended 6-inch wide band. Around 1 cup granules per 5 – 10 linear feet is sufficient. For treating wooden posts and poles, 1.5 – 3 tablespoons of the product can be used for each linear foot.

Where To Use

Apply the product as crack and crevice and spot treatments to areas that surround the building structures that are prone to termite attacks. These would be in hidden places around sinks, storage areas, behind baseboards, around doors and windows, and similar areas. This package will treat the perimeter of a typical home (200 linear feet).

When To Use

Use as perimeter band applications upon the presence of termites and a preventive measure against termite infestations. It’s recommended to opt for liquid treatments and other termite treatment methods for more severe infestations.

Target Pests

Termites (Subterranean Termites)

Comparable Products

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Safety Information

There are dangers inherent in the use of this chemical that can lead to skin and eye irritation, and you must make sure that nobody accidentally ingests it.

Special Considerations

Do not use this product as the sole control for active subterranean termite infestations. This product is not intended to serve as a structural pest control method. This product is designed to kill worker termites and winged reproductive termites that may be present during termite control. It is recommended that you follow general recommendations for preventing subterranean termite infestations to get the best results. For example, make sure you fix all the plumbing problems and keep the plants far from the foundation. It is also advised to have termite specialists with decades of termite experience inspect at least once a year.


Will BioAdvanced Termite Killer Granules be washed off by rain?

When the product has been watered in and allowed to dry, it becomes rainproof. Therefore any future rain will not affect the application.

Are children and pets safe from this product?

Make sure the insecticide is not placed near where animals could eat it. Please keep pets and children away for 24 hours.

Can you apply a product right after rain or before?

Applied before the rain, Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Granules will provide better results. If it has just rained or is raining right now, wait until the ground or turf has dried before applying. At that point, a light watering or light rain will assist in washing the granules into the soil.


Nine pounds of termite killing granules are contained within the BioAdvanced Termite Killer. With its heavy and industrial action, it is applied to large places like buildings, fence posts, and wooden constructions which are susceptible to termite activity and the spread of other unwanted pests. The built-in spout with a 6-inch band makes it easier to apply it to affected areas. Moreover, the Bayer DIY Termite killer has been proven effective against Subterranean termites which is a rather strong species of termite.

Despite its strength, this particular chemical is easy to use at home and is a safe soil treatment method. To do this, you have to make sure that the band is at least 6 inches wide around the area that you are planning to treat. The area needs to be moisturized just right, but not too moist that water begins to run off. Getting maximum results requires not disrupting the treated soil. Because this product is formulated to take care of Subterranean termites, Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Granules is known to be one of the most reliable and popular termite killers in the market.