Protect your home from termites with pest control services

Bifen IT is 7.9% Bifenthrin in suspension manufactured by Control Solutions Inc., a company that provides effective pest control solutions for broad-spectrum insecticide of many types of insects. This insecticide’s formula contains a synthetic pyrethroid that is interfering with the target insect’s nervous system. Typically mixed into a foam, Bifen IT is used to treat cracks and crevices in concrete slabs or sprayed as a surface treatment to treat cracks and crevices. It is effective against termites, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, carpenter ants, and numerous insects. Even though a synthetic chemical, it closely resembles pyrethrins found in chrysanthemum florals.

Even though it does not provide a quick knockdownBifen IT Insecticide does have a residual effect that keeps pests from making their way indoors. If you need to fight crawling, wood damaging, or stinging insects, Bifen IT is an excellent weapon to have on hand.


  • Bifen ITLong-lasting Residual control
  • It dries with no visible residue and is odorless.
  • It does not damage plants.
  • Great for a wide variety of pests


  • The product is highly volatile and has low water solubility.
  • Not very resilient in soil.
  • Poisonous to birds and honeybees

Tools Needed

Bifen IT can be applied with either a hose-end sprayer, traditional pump sprayerbackpack sprayer, or skid sprayer. You can use a handheld 1-gallon pump sprayer or a 4-gallon backpack sprayer for small household application methods. You will need a shovel and wheelbarrow if Bifen IT is being used for termite control by trenching.

How To Use

For general treatments, calculate the area that needs to be treated in square footage before determining how much Bifen IT to apply. To calculate this, multiply the length by the width of the area. Bifen IT is designed to be mixed at a rate between 0.18 and 1 fluid ounce per gallon of water to treat 1,000 sq. ft. Mix rates depend on the level of infestation and the targeted insect. In a hand pump sprayer, fill the spray tank halfway with water and then add Bifen IT at the approximate rate based on your calculations.

You can treat cracks and crevices indoors and spray cracks and crevices outdoors. Pets and people must stay away from treated areas until dry. Whenever used as an insecticide spray, quarterly reapplications are necessary for preventative measures.

For termite trench treatments, you can create a trench around the perimeter of your home’s foundation by removing soil with a shovel or other appropriate tool and placing it in a wheelbarrow. The trench needs to be 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. When trench treating your whole home, add 4 gallons of the diluted solution (0.06%) per 10 linear feet. For up to 5 years, the residual effects of Bifen IT will last.

Where To Use

It can be used as a crack and crevice treatment around baseboards, wall voids around plumbing, closets, doors, windows, and other areas where insects are found indoors. Outside, you can apply it to the turf, sports fields, lawns, flowerbeds, barnyards, perimeters, or homes or commercial buildings for mosquito control and removing various pests. Also, use it under crawlspaces, around doorways, window sills, exterior wall gaps, around and under porches, and in many other label-approved areas. In terms of termites, Bifen can be injected under slabs or poured into trenches.

When To Use

As a preventative treatment, Bifen IT can be used as a spray to create an effective barrier control and prevent common household insects and various bugs from getting inside. After the targeted insects have been identified, infestation control can be carried out.

Target Pests

Many insects, such as spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, pillbugs, chinch bugs, earwigs, millipedes, and termites, are controlled by this product.

Safety Information

If applied according to product label directions, Bifen IT Concentrate Insecticide is safe to use around small children, pets, and livestock. To prevent exposure to humans and pets, Bifen IT needs to be allowed to dry. Fish and other small aquatic organisms have an exceptionally poor tolerance to Bifenthrin. Avoid applying directly to surface water.

It’s important to exercise extreme caution when diluting Bifenthrin since direct exposure may cause skin irritation or severe side effects. When you or your children have direct exposure to Bifenthrin before it’s been diluted, contact your local poison control agency.

Special Considerations

Target insects may become resistant to the active ingredient in Bifen IT, Bifenthrin. Switch out your insecticide treatment if you notice that it is becoming less effective over time. Change your insecticide treatment with one that has a different mode of action and an active ingredient like an insect growth regulator. Please note that this product is only for small infestations. You should consult a professional pest control company if you have large infestations.


Are pets and children safe from Bifen IT?

In thousands of homes across the country, Bifen IT is used safely every day. When used according to the product label, Bifen IT can be used around pets. Pets should be kept out of the area while the treatment is in progress, and then pets can return after the treatment is dry.

Could Bifen IT be used inside and be effective for pest control inside the home?

It is regarded as a general-purpose insecticide that is safe to use both inside and outside. The product is odorless and is safe for use around pets or children. While spraying, it is generally recommended that you keep children or pets in another room or outside to play.

 How long is the shelf life of Bifen IT

/Insecticides such as Bifen I/T should be used within three years of the date of purchase. Make certain insecticides are stored out of direct sunlight and at low temperatures.

What makes Bifen IT different from Bifen XTS?

Bifen XTS is essentially the same product, just in a higher concentration of active ingredient Bifenthrin, and with an oil-based base instead of a water-based one.


One of the most popular pest control products amongst consumers and pest control professionals as well, Bifen IT effectively kills and controls a wide range of insects. Users looking to treat large flea infestations in yards and indoor spaces found this product highly effective against various types of insects. “IT” stands for Insecticide/Termiticide as the formula is used against insects and termites. In addition to being affordable, this insecticide is also really straightforward to prepare and use.

As long as the formula is not washed away, it can stay on the surface for up to six months. This insecticide is water-based and is washed away when it rains. With proper application, the residual effect can last several months in combating pests and insects without being applied again.

As a residual insecticide with a strong active ingredient, Bifen does not kill upon contact. It works on insects and pests when they touch it or eat it. Crawling across the insecticide exposes insects to fatal doses. It is a repellent pesticide as well, so it tends to deter insects. However, when they keep crawling across it, they die.